Fall Formal Recruitment: August 26-31


Policies are in place to make sure every girl is given the chance to make her own decision. These policies are aimed at creating an unbiased environment for all PNMs. Below you will find a link to these policies. 

We hope that you are looking forward to attending Union University and participating in recruitment. Union Unviersity has three NPC sororities on campus and all are committed to proving a wide variety of opportunities for their members. Beyond being a social organization, sororities also help members develop leadership & communication skills. They also allow members to make great contributions to the community.

Formal Recruitment is a time for you to decide if you would like to become part of the Greek community at Union University. Joining a sorority should be an individual decision, one that is made without influence from others. Whether you join a sorority or not, fall formal recruitment week will be a time for making new friends and beginning a new and exciting part of your life. While we believe that Greek life enhances opportunities for members, please keep in mind that being part of a sorority is not a prerequisite to a successful life at Union. There are many opportunities to get involved across campus. Recruitment is open to all full-time undergraduate women accepted to Union University or presently enrolled at Union University.

If you would like to register for Fall Formal Recruitment, please click on "Register For Recruitment" below.

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