Frequently Asked Questions


What is Recruitment?

Formal Recruitment is a time each year set aside for the sororities on Union’s campus to select new members. Recruitment is an exciting week filled with opportunities to explore Greek Life through a series of parties and events. These events are designed to enable you to become comfortable with members of each sorority and to discover the uniqueness of each house. The members of each chapter are eager to get to know you. Being nervous is completely normal, but remember that the sorority members want to get to know you – so just relax and be yourself!
The week’s events consist of personalized conversations with sorority members, skits, songs and other presentations. Together, these events will help you learn about each chapter at Union and Greek Life as a whole. At the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to express your desire to join a sorority. However, there is no pressure to join because we understand that Greek Life is not for everyone! Think of recruitment as an opportunity to meet incredible women and learn more about the avenues to get involved in campus life.


How much does it cost to participate in recruitment?

The cost to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment is $14.


Do I have to register to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment?

Yes, to participate in recruitment, you must complete the registration form and pay the $14 registration fee. The deadline is August 26th at Panhellenic party.


If I participate in recruitment, do I have to join a sorority?

​No, just because you participate in recruitment does not mean that you have to join a sorority. Recruitment is a wonderful opportunity to meet other women your age who share similar interests. The sororities want you to make the decision to join (or not to join) that is best for you!


Why should I join a sorority at Union?

Sisterhood is one of the unique aspects of Greek life that sets it apart from other organizations or clubs on campus. Joining a sorority allows you to make a large group of new friends who are there to support, mentor, and make memories with you. The friendships that are formed within a sisterhood are lifelong.


Greek life at Union is different from that of the “stereotypical” Greek life that you may have heard about at other schools. All sororities abide by all rules set forth by Union, which includes no alcohol or tobacco at any Greek or university sponsored event. Most sisterhoods have internal Bible studies and attend a variety of churches around Jackson together. The women in each of the sororities have a heart for God and are eager to walk alongside you in your college journey.


What should I wear to the parties?
Below are several suggestions on what to wear to the recruitment parties. Please keep in mind that the sororities do not choose their new members on what you wear. It is important that you dress comfortably and be yourself! Don’t stress over what you wear each night! The members at the houses want to get to know you for who are and not what you wear.

We do, however, ask that you dress appropriately during recruitment (don’t wear skirts or dresses that are too short or cut too low). This will not leave a desirable impression on the chapters and it’s probably not how you want to be remembered.

Panhellenic Party: Panhellenic party is a chance to mix and mingle with the Panhellenic Council, Gamma Rho Chis and other potential new members. On this night, you will not meet sorority members. Dress for this party is casual. PNMs often wear jeans, capris, skirts or shorts to this party.

Display Party: Display party is the first round of parties when you will have the opportunity to meet members of the sororities. Dress pants, skirts, sundresses, or capris are typically worn on this evening. Dress for this night is similar to what you would wear to a casual church service.

Skit Party: Skit party is one of the most entertaining nights of the week. Like the Display round, potential new members typically wear skits, sundresses, or nice dress pants.

Preference Party: The preference party round is the last evening of recruitment and is often the “dressiest” evening of the week. Dresses and skirts are typically worn on this night. A nice dress/skirt that you might wear to church would be appropriate.

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